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CoolSanit disinfectant for the dispenser 100ml

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Usage Remove the empty container with water from the dispenser, disinfect the rod of the device and the area around the rod by spraying CoolSanit on them. Before installing a new bottle, remove the protective film on the cork, disinfect the cork by spraying "CoolSanit" on the cork and the upper parts of the bottle, and then place the bottle on the dispenser. With constant use, it is possible to darken / change the color of plastic surfaces.

Ingredients Ionic water, hydrogen peroxide, stabilizers and other additives.


  • stabilized hydrogen dioxide, the disinfectant lasts for 24 months,
  • neutral PH,
  • destroys 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria,
  • does not contain alcohol,
  • the product is safe and bioavailable.

Video guide for the use of "coolsanite".

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