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When purchasing from Jur.am you can pay with one of the following payment methods.

  • Bank card (ArCa, Visa, MasterCard)
  • idram
  • PayX
  • TelCell
  • Transfer
  • Cash


  • Arca, Visa, MasterCard

 This method is available for online purchasing.

When placing an order choose the "Arca, Visa MasterCard" payment method, then fill in the card information.

Jur.am mobile app also offers to save the card information for quick payments.


  • IDram 

 This method is available for online purchasing.

This is an online payment method that gives you the opportunity to save the Jur.am bonus points and also gives you CashBack (0.5% of the order total):

To be able to pay via idram you need to have an idram account.


  • PayX

Payment alternative, that offers tools to ensure cashless payment in places, where terminals and ATMs are not available.

Our Customer Support specialist will send an SMS to your provided phone number, 
with a link to the payment page, where you will be able to see the order total and make the payment with a bank card.


  • TelCell 

 Jur.am is now availabale at the TelCell terminals. You just need to choose the Jur.am logo from the Other category and proceed with the following steps.

Important: This payment has no comission fee.

Here are the payment steps for Telcell.

  1. Choose Main/ Other category,
  2. Choose Other services subcategory,
  3. Choose JUR.AM,
  4. Type in the payer's phone number,
  5. Type in the payer's first and last names or the purchasing company's name,
  6. Type in the payment purpose,
  7. Insert the money,
  8. Require and take the receipt․


  • Bonus points

This payment method allows you to pay with your collected Bonus points. The method is available for online purchasing.

See the rules for collecting and using your Bonus point here.


  • Bank transfer

The payment via bank transfer is made on the basis of the Invoice, in the time period specified in the contract. 


  •  Cash

By choosing this method you will need to pay with cash directly to the delivery worker at the time of the delivery.


Important. When making online purchasea on the Jur.am website, the personal and payment informations are filled in exclusively on protected pages of the chosen payment systems/websites. The information is not being saved on the Jur.am website.

Imprtant. The payment refund is available only via the method the payment was done with. E.g. if a customer has made the payment via a bank card, the refundable amount cannot be refunded with cash and will only be refunded by fully or partially cancelling the bank transfer for that purchase.