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Question: Do you deliver on the same day?

Respond: Yes, we do it. We also deliver from the way (much faster than on the same day). Just in some cases, there are surcharges, please contact us to clarify the details.

Question: Why am I not given a cash register receipt during delivery?

Every Day CJSC (Closed Joint-Stock Company) doesn’t provide CRM receipts, as the selling is not actualized front the point of the sale, and the law bans the delivery car to have itinerant cash register receipts. Every Day CJSC records sales through tax accounts (invoices), which are downloaded from the special accounting program into the RA SRC e-invoicing system. Not physically submitting a tax account does not mean not registering the sale.  Many customers have requested related to not being overburdened with extra paperwork, so Every Day CJSC provides the electronic and/or printed copies of e-invoicing downloaded accounts upon request. All the Phys. customers, who do not have access to the e-invoicing system, can apply to our customer service department at 010 587587 in order to get the scanned version of tax accounts via E-mail or to get the cash cash-printed account during the delivery.