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Question: Do you deliver on the same day?

Yes, we do. We also deliver from the way (much faster than on the same day). Just in some cases, there are surcharges, please contact us to clarify the details.


Question. After installing the bottle, in how many days should we consume the water?

After installing a new bottle, you need to consume the water, at the latest, during 25 days. The matter is, that after opening it the water of the bottle is mixed with the air (the air enters the dispenser tanks, and from there to the bottle). 25 days deadline advised by us is not normative, it is based on our experience.


Question. Which is the difference between Byuregh and Makur Jur Water?          

Byuregh is bottled in Jermuk, right from the spring (The official name of the spring is: Spring No. 1 of Jermuk), it is qualified as high-rank natural spring water. Makur Jur water is bottled from Katnaghbyur water pipe in the city of Yerevan. It undergoes five-stage filtration chlorination and sterilization including modern membrane filters from the American 3M company. Immediately before bottling, the water is extra sterilized with Belgian ultraviolet lamp filters, it is qualified as first-rank drinking water.


Question. Whom do the trademarks of Byuregh and Makur Jur belong?

"Byuregh" trademark belongs to Jermuk Group CJSC, "Maqur Jur" trademark belongs to Every Day CJSC. Every Day CJSC is the exclusive licensee of "Byuregh 19 liters" and "Byuregh 12 liters" trademarks. Byuregh 19L and 12L products are bottled in Jermuk city at the factory of Jermuk Group company, with production capacities leased by Every Day company. For the production of Byuregh 19L and 12L products, the same water source is used, which is used for the production of Byuregh 0.33L, Byuregh 0.5L, Byuregh 1.5L, Byuregh 3L and Byuregh 5L products. "Maqur Jur 19L" and "Maqur Jur 12L" products are bottled from the Katnaghbyur water supply source in Yerevan.


Question. Why are white flakes sometimes noticed in Byuregh, while they are not noticed in case of using Makur Jur?

The most frequent reason for white flakes is the water’s mineral composition; especially in cold weather (or in the dispenser cold water tank) the mineral salt molecules existing in the water are intended to connect each other, so said to “make clusters”, and just those clusters are seen as flakes. The mineral composition of Byuregh (and of natural spring water coming from many other mountain places) is such that the cluster takes place faster in low temperatures, then after returning to the room temperature, those molecules clusters of mineral salt do not decompose back. And the mineral composition of Makur Jur is such that the tendency of clustering is weaker; it is necessary a much lower temperature and some time. It is important to remember, that the white flakes causing by this reason are not a sign of pollution, they are just related to the mineral composition and temperature fluctuations.


Question. By filling the cup with the water from the dispenser taps there are granules, white flakes in the water, but these are not in the bottle – what’s the matter?

When the dispenser tanks are half-empty, and a new bottle is installed, water turbulence causes (You can be informed about this if after installation of the bottle much water is poured into the tanks and a big quantity of bubbles are noticed).  From this turbulence, the dust/contaminant gathered on the roof of the cold water tank rises above the catchment level (above the level of the tube coming toward the taps), that’s why mentioned granules/white flakes are noticed in the cup immediately after changing the bottle.

Advice. After draining the bottle, do not take water from the taps, so that the tanks are not drained. Install a new full bottle at once. When the tanks are full of water, air (and contaminant) is less likely to enter them. Moreover, the warming and freezing of dispenser tanks can damage tank metal. The dispensers are not hermetic and they don’t clean themselves. The top of the dispenser (the pole and its round) is riskier in terms of pollution, also, taps are often polluted, and their below milk-plate.  Water tanks (especially cold water tanks) have a relationship with the air; just that air enters into the tank and appears inside the water like a flake when water is poured into the tank from the water. The more polluted and dusty the air in the area, the more likely it is that the dispenser cold water tank will be contaminated. It is necessary to organize sanitary cleaning of the dispenser at least twice a year, there is a special video on our website which will help you to do the sanitary cleaning yourself. 

White flakes can also be caused because of ice forming in the cold water tank. It is necessary to prevent it through the temperature settings at the back of the dispenser.


Question. We have a dispenser device acquired by another supplier, can we whether use your bottles?

Bottle caps have standard openings, rarely dispensers happen on which it is not possible to place our bottles. Through our thousand clients, since 2018 we have had two-three cases.  Primary dispensers and bottles are corresponding.


Question. How much is the warming and freezing degree of the device?

In WFD-410L, WBF-1000LA, WBF-1000S, and WFD-1050 model dispensers warm water’s degree is 75-90 oC, and cold water’s degree is 4-12 oC. The cold water temperature can be adjusted with a knob next to the switches on the back of the dispenser.


Question. Do the dispensers have filters?

The dispensers don’t have filters as they are designed for industrial bottled water (our delivered water is already filtered). It is not allowed to install bottles filled with tap water, as the tap water includes chlorine the taste of which is passed to the waterways of the device which are plastics. (taps, cold water tube, pole, etc.)


Question. Which is the best place in the room for dispenser’s installation?

Respond. The dispenser should definitely be placed far from the rays of the sun and home plants.


Question. Sometimes newly installed water tastes like chlorine, what is the matter?

There are unscrupulous clients, who pour the bottle with usual tap water and install it on the dispenser. Due to the contract, it is forbidden to pour other water into our bottles. When we notice, that one of the clients do not order water for a long time, we ask his/her to return our bottles. Unfortunately, many of those bottles already have the taste of tap water. All the bottles are checked before bottling, and if the bottles strongly smell like chlorine, we spoil that bottle, but the weak smell is not, unfortunately, possible to be checked 100%.  In such rare cases, the taste is passed to the water through the bottle. We constantly improve the empty bottles return to eliminate this problem.


Question. Can we order only additional goods?

Of course, you can. Only in the case of additional goods order, there is an extra delivery surcharge: 600AMD, and within water order the delivery is free. The delivery is also free in case of buying additional goods costing 10.000AMD or more.


Question. What are Bonus Points on the website?

Dear Customer, you will gather bonus points in the case of ordering via Jur.am website or mobile app. To gather bonus points it is necessary to be a Jur.am Customer and do online orders. Bonus points are only gathered in the case of online orders according to the points’ quantity of each product. 

 1 point = 1AMD

With collected points you can purchase any goods from our website.

Some rules to use the points.

  1. It is necessary to separate the goods from the orders paid with bonus points and to process them by separate order. It is necessary to choose those goods, transfer them to the cart and place an order by selecting the bonus points as a payment type for that goods. 
  2. For purchased goods paid with bonus points, no other bonus points are collected.
  3. The points are not exchanged with cash money.
  4. Collected bonus points from the order are added to the client’s balance in a working day after completing the delivery.
  5. By purchasing goods with points, the goods’ full price must be paid with the points, you cannot top it up with cash or a transfer.
  6. The bonus points collected from the order can be used during the next online order.
  7. The points are transferred from one address to another, or from one Customer to another.
  8. Points are not collected if the Customer has a special discount for the mentioned goods.
  9. In the case of canceling or stopping the Customer’s cooperation with the company, the points collected by the Customer are nullified and they are no longer subjected to be recovered. From the mentioned rule some exceptions will be possible by the Company’s discretion.
  10. There is no deadline for the bonus program. The company has the right to pause the bonus program by informing its clients before 30 days by placing a statement on the website.

ATTENTION! Dear customer, starting from January 1, 2022, the Bonus Points accumulated or not used 540 * days ago will be canceled in the amount of the Bonus Points accumulated that day or in the amount of unused balance points.

. * The number of days can be changed by posting an announcement on the official website 30 days in advance.


Question. Is Cash Back collected by paying through IDram payment system?

For online registered order you collect Cash Back on your IDram balance 0.5% of total amount by doing payment through IDram payment system.


 Question. When the company has been launched?

We were launched in 2008, and the first delivery was actualized in November 2008.