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See Here Dispenser Exploitation Rules

The sanitary cleaning of the dispenser is needed to be done at least once every 6 months, but more frequently in case of operating it in more dusty places. If the dispenser has been operating for a long time, then the sanitary cleaning must be done before using it, even if the dispenser tanks’ water has accurately been drained before stopping the operation. It is possible to do sanitary cleaning at home accordingly to the video presented below. In case referring to our specialists for one-time sanitary cleaning of a dispenser, it costs 6,500AMD, including VAT. Additinally, we have a special offer for Jur.am clients: a yearly plan, that includes two-time sanitary cleaning during 12 months. The plan costs 6,500AMD, including VAT.

 You can get information about the work schedule of dispenser service specialists here

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