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Delivery in Yerevan

Order registration

The closest delivery day

   Until 12:00

   Same day from 14:00 to 18:00

   Until 16:30

 Next day from 09:00 to 13:00

   Until 17:00 (Monday and Thursday)

  From 17:30 to 21:30 (only on Monday and Thursday

    Saturday until 13:30



Office working hours

Monday - Friday  —   09:00-18:00
Saturday and holidays  —   10:00-14:30
Sunday  —   closed

On Sundays deliveries are made based on pre-registered orders with a surcharge of 400AMD. 


ATTENTION:  Fixed delivery days are available for some communities in Yerevan. Outside of fixed days, there is a 800 AMD surcharge for receiving your orders.
If the customer delays the order during the delivery process, an additional fee for the delay of 300 AMD will be charged.
Due to overcrowding, order registration in some communities may be terminated earlier than indicated. 

Deliveries in districts

The orders of districts are accepted and delivered by the Yerevan office with the number 587 587.

Districts have special delivery days, which you can get acquainted with here:

  •         To order in Vayots Dzor district, please contact Samvel: 094504919

  •         To order in the territories of Ararat district, which are not included in the list of territories delivered by the Yerevan office, please contact Nairi: 093597950.

Delivery terms

        order type        Order amount      Shipping fee


Order with water (1 bottle) *


   exceeds ֏ 3800


   does not exceed ֏ 3800

   ֏ 250 

Order with water (2 bottles +)*

   regardless of the amount    FREE
Order without water    exceeds ֏ 10․000     FREE
   does not exceed ֏ 10.000      ֏ 600 

* 12 l և 19 l bottled water


Box delivery

In order to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags, from now on Jur.am deliveries will mainly be made with carton boxes.
If you do not find this option suitable for your deliveries, feel free to contact us by the following email:[email protected] , and we will make sure to find an alternative.
We appreaciate your support in our mission to take care of our environment!