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Bottle use and storage guide


Before installing the bottle on the dispenser, you need to:

• Wipe it with a damp cloth, especially the cap and the top of the bottle, so that the parts in contact with the dispenser do not get dusty,
• remove all protective films and papers from the cap.

As an external disinfectant, we recommend
using CoolSanit antibacterial spray.


The bottle installed on the dispenser is recommended to:

• be consumed within 25 days after installation,
• be placed away from direct sunlight (as well as the dispenser).

As soon as the water runs out, before installing a new bottle,
the dispenser must be disconnected from the power supply to avoid

It is recommended to change the bottle on the dispenser when there is still some water left in the bottle, so that the dispenser tanks are always full. This will prevent room air from getting into the tanks, thereby preventing any dust from getting into them.


After use, keep the bottle clean and away from sunlight (otherwise bacteria can grow in the remaining water, causing the bottle to turn green, which will lead to it not being usable anymore).

Bottles are subject to return. 6,000 (six thousand) AMD compensation for each bottle applies in case of damage or non-return.