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Dear Customer, you will gather bonus points in the case of doing orders via Jur.am website or mobile app. To gather bonus points it is necessary to be a Jur.am Customer and do online orders. Bonus points are only gathered in the case of online orders according to the points’ quantity of each product. 

 1 point = 1AMD

With collected points you can purchase any goods from our website.

Some rules to use the points.

  1. It is necessary to separate the goods from the orders paid with bonus points and to process them by separate order. It is necessary to choose those goods, transfer them to the cart and place an order by selecting the bonus points as a payment type for that goods. 
  2. For purchased goods paid with bonus points, no other bonus points are collected.
  3. The points are not exchanged with cash money.
  4. Collected bonus points from the order are added to the client’s balance in a working day after completing the delivery.
  5. By purchasing goods with points, the goods’ full price must be paid with the points, you cannot top it up with cash or a transfer.
  6. The bonus points collected from the order can be used during the next online order.
  7. The points are transferred from one address to another, or from one Customer to another.
  8. Points are not collected if the Customer has a special discount for the mentioned goods.
  9. In the case of canceling or stopping the Customer’s cooperation with the company, the points collected by the Customer are nullified and they are no longer subjected to be recovered. From the mentioned rule some exceptions will be possible by the Company’s discretion.
  10. There is no deadline for the bonus program. The company has the right to pause the bonus program by informing its clients before 30 days by placing a statement on the website.

ATTENTION! Dear customer, starting from January 1, 2022, the Bonus Points accumulated or not used 540 * days ago will be canceled in the amount of the Bonus Points accumulated that day or in the amount of unused balance points.

. * The number of days can be changed by posting an announcement on the official website 30 days in advance.