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Question. After installing the bottle, in how many days should we consume the water?

Respond. After installing a new bottle, you need to consume the water, at the latest, during 25 days. The matter is, that after opening it the water of the bottle is mixed with the air (the air enters the dispenser tanks, and from there to the bottle). 25 days deadline advised by us is not normative, it is based on our experience.

Question. Which is the difference between Byuregh and Makur Jur Water?          

Respond. Byuregh is bottled in Jermuk, just from the spring (The official name of the spring is: Spring No. 1 of Jermuk), it is qualified as high-rank natural spring water. Makur Jur water is bottled from Katnaghbyur water pipe in the city of Yerevan. It undergoes five-stage filtration chlorination and sterilization including modern membrane filters from the American 3M company. Immediately before bottling, the water is extra sterilized with Belgian ultraviolet lamp filters, it is qualified as first-rank drinking water.

Question. Why are white flakes sometimes noticed in the water by using Byuregh, while they are not noticed in the case of using Makur Jur?

Respond. The most frequent reason for white flakes is the water’s mineral composition; especially in cold weather (or in the dispenser cold water tank) the mineral salt molecules existing in the water are intended to connect each other, so said to “make clusters”, and just those clusters are seen as flakes. The mineral composition of Byuregh (and of natural spring water coming from many other mountain places) is such that the cluster takes place faster in low temperatures, then after returning to the room temperature, those molecules clusters of mineral salt do not decompose back. And the mineral composition of Makur Jur is such that the tendency of clustering is weaker; it is necessary a much lower temperature and some time. It is important to remember, that the white flakes causing by this reason are not a sign of pollution, they are just related to the mineral composition and temperature fluctuations.

Question. Whom do the trademarks of Byuregh and Makur Jur belong?

Respond. Byuregh trademark belongs to Jermuk Group CJS company, and Makur Jur trademark belongs to Every day CJS company.  Every day CJC is the exclusive licensee of the “Byuregh 19 liters” trademark. Byuregh 19 l. product type is bottled with production capacities rented by Every Day company in the city of Jermuk; in Jermuk Group company’s factory. For the production of  Byuregh 19 l, it is used the same raw water, which is also used in the production of Byuregh 0.33 l, Byuregh 0.5 l, Byuregh 1.5 l,  Byuregh 3 l, and Byuregh 5 l. Makur Jur 19l is bottled from Katnaghbyur water pipe in Yerevan.

Question. Sometimes newly installed water tastes like chlorine, what is the matter?

Respond. There are unscrupulous clients, who pour the bottle with usual tap water and install it on the dispenser. Due to the contract, it is forbidden to pour other water into our bottles. When we notice, that one of the clients do not order water for a long time, we ask his/her to return our bottles. Unfortunately, many of those bottles already have the taste of tap water. All the bottles are checked before bottling, and if the bottles strongly smell like chlorine, we spoil that bottle, but the weak smell is not, unfortunately, possible to be checked 100%.  In such rare cases, the taste is passed to the water through the bottle. We constantly improve the empty bottles return to eliminate this problem.

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