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AF2 two-level kitchen filter

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A two-level kitchen filter is installed under the sink. This filter is installed in a very simple way without damaging the kitchen surfaces: only one shallow hole (for the faucet) opens.

խոհանոցային ֆիլտրի ծորակ

Installation from a specialist Jur.am it costs 3000 AMD.

Filtration is carried out in two stages, as a result of which the water intended for food is chloralized and acquires high quality characteristics.

Երկաստիճան ֆիլտրացիոն համակարգի գրաֆիկական պատկեր

  1. Mechanical filtration:Thanks to this cartridge, the water flowing through the pipeline is cleaned of mechanical particles-rust, sand, sediment formed in water pipes, etc.
  2. Dense carbon cartridge:This cartridge is a dense carbon block that performs a double function-absorbing and filtering (chloraztum).

You need to change the cartridge every 3-6 months, depending on the volume of use (each cartridge is designed for filtration of 6000L).

Jur. am provides 1 year warranty against mechanical damage for a two-level kitchen filter.

For a detailed acquaintance with filters, conditions of their installation and replacement of cartridges, call 587-587.

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