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Reverse osmosis AQUAPHOR MORION DWM-102S

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Reverse osmosis AQUAPHOR MORION DWM-102S - You get premium drinking water from ordinary tap water in the kitchen.

Filter MORION DWM-102S removes all harmful impurities from all types of tap water and makes it healthy and suitable even for babies. During the mineralization stage, the filter enriches the water with optimal amounts of natural magnesium and calcium.

Filter MORION DWM-102S filters water without any chemical additives, completely eliminates bacteria, viruses and allergens, including chlorine, antibiotics and residues from all types of oil, pharmaceutical, rural and industrial enterprises.

MORION DWM-102S protects sensitive household appliances (coffee machine, kettle, etc.) from damage by completely removing hardness salts from water.

Advantages of reverse osmosis AQUAPHOR MORION DWM-102S

Removes all possible allergens from water, from chlorine and pollen to antibiotics.
The water becomes safe even for people with sensitive immunity and digestion. The filter cleans the water from all kinds of bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Protects from residues of industrial and agricultural plants in water: phenols, nitrates, pesticides.
Conveniently placed under the sink. Compared to classic reverse osmosis systems, it takes up 2 times less space.
It has a separate tap for drinking water.
You have a permanent supply of 5 liters of filtered water in the tank. The amount of water in the tank does not depend on the water pressure in the pipe and the filter works even at low water pressure (from 2 atmospheres).
The water collection rate is twice that of classic reverse osmosis systems.
Cartridges are easily changed in just 1 minute and without the use of tools.

Specifications of AquaphorMORIONDWM-102S

Height: 42 cm

Weight: 6.2 kg

Filtering speed. 7.8 l/hour or 190 l/day

Cleaning water:

  • From hardness salts (calcium ions)
  • from active chlorine
  • of nitrates
  • lead
  • from bacteria
  • from oil products
  • from organic mixtures
  • from phenol
  • from pesticides
  • heavy metals
  • of colloidal metals and iron
  • from rust and sand

AquaphorMORION DWM-102S cartridge replacement schedule

K5 – mechanical water filtration - once every 6 months

K2 - preliminary water filtration - once every 6 months

K50-S - membrane - thorough and complete water filtration - once every 1.5 years

K7M - final water filtration and mineralization - once a year

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