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Filter-jug Aquaphor Smile A500

֏ 5 500
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֏ 5 500

Aquaphor Smile A500 – completely new design filter jug made of unbreakable plastic. The "Flip-flop" lid facilitates water collection and protects the jug from ingress of foreign bodies. It is the only pitcher sold with the new generation A5 cartridge, which has a larger resource and also preserves the natural magnesium in the water, which is very necessary to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Aquaphor Smile A500 purifies water by:

  • from active chlorine
  • lead
  • of organic elements
  • heavy metals
  • of colloidal metals
  • from rust and sand

The volume of the jar is 2.9 liters

The filter cartridge. 1 piece A5

Cartridge resource: 350 liters (it is necessary to change every 3.5-4 months)

Cleaning speed: 0.2 liters/minute

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