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Byuregh 12լ

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In case of ordering one bottle, there is a 250AMD order surcharge.

Byuregh is bottled in Jermuk resort town, has a separate fountain, the official name of which is No. 1 Fountain of Jermuk territory. The bottling plant supplying pipeline is independent of the municipal water supply network. Byuregh is qualified as high-rank natural spring water. The ingredients are:

Calcium <20.0:

Nitrates <5.0

Chlorides <20.0

Sulfates <20.0

Dry Balance <100.0

Before bottling, Byuregh does not undergo chemical processing and isn’t enriched with silver or oxygen. Before undergoing trendy filtration, the Byuregh undergoes natural filtration through a natural layer of 30m. thick basalt. The guarantor of the Byuregh spring water’s quality is the producing laboratory of Jermuk Group CJSC, which is full of the most modern equipment. Byuregh has awarded a range of prestigious prizes both in Armenia and abroad.    

In case of physical persons, the deliveries are done at least in binary quantities and with the deposit.  The deposit is the prepayment for using the bottle. The deposit price of one bottle is 3000AMD, and in case of the bottles’ safe return to the company, the deposit is subject to be refunded.

The bottles (containers) are the properties of Every Day CJS company and are subject to be returned by the client not later than on the 31st day following the day of water delivery.  

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