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Module A5 filter cartridge for jug

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A5 - Designed for filter jugs. This cartridge is specially designed to purify water with a complex structure supplied from a water pipe, such as rusty and turbid water, water filled with a large amount of mechanical impurities. Even under these conditions, A5 does not clog ahead of time and continues to purify water from chlorine and other dissolved mixtures. The A5 cartridge stores natural magnesium in water, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels. According to the World Health Organization, magnesium is considered the heaviest mineral for the population of the country. It is impossible to get enough magnesium in the case of eating regular portions, and its deficiency leads to diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

A5 the cartridge contains the natural mineral sadape dolomite, which preserves the magnesium present in the water. It is easily digested and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

A5 cleans water from active chlorine, lead, organic elements, heavy metals, colloidal metals, rust and sand, removes unpleasant taste and odor present in the water.

Resource: 400 liters.

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