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Aquaphor Provence A5 cartridge filter jug

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֏ 10 000

Aquafor Provence is the largest volumetric filter jug with a completely new design made of unbreakable plastic.The Flip-flop lid facilitates the collection of water and protects the jug from the penetration of foreign bodies. The mechanical calendar notifies you about the timely replacement of the cartridge.  Every time you take water, the mechanical calendar moves and clearly records the working life of the cartridge. This is the only jug sold with a new generation A5 cartridge, which has a longer life, and also retains natural magnesium in the water, which is very necessary to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Aquaphor Provance purifies water:

  • from active chlorine
  • from lead
  • from organic elements
  • from heavy metals
  • from colloidal metals
  • from rust and sand

Size: 275 x 190 x 185 mm

Volume of the jug: 4.2 liters

Filter cartridge: 1 piece A5

Cartridge resource: 400 liters (you need to change it every 3.5-4 months)

Cleaning speed: 0.2 liters/min

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